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Redhill Aerodrome  Briefing Information

Date: 27/07/16 Time:07:30 UTC  Runway: 26L

Operating Hours

0800 - 1800 UTC (0900 - 1900 Local)

Runway 18/36: Available - Taxiway edge lights being installed along A Taxiway from A3 to A2 Hold. All aircraft expect non-standard taxi routes. See NOTAMs.
Runway 08R/26L:

Available. Acft should taxy via the grass south of the NDB mast using Rwy 08L/26R and carry out pre-take off checks on 26R Threshold before requesting departure. From Rwy 26R threshold route to the right/West of the cones to Line Up on Rwy 26L numbers.

Runway 08L/26R: Closed. Avbl as TWY. NOTAMN L3892/16 refers.
Runway07/25(Unlicensed): Not available.
Helicopter Ops: All areas available. Helis pads 4 & 5 not available due W.I.P.

WIP upgrading AGL. Works area marked by cones. Non standard taxi routes using Rwy 26R/08L. Various NOTAMs in force, please check before flight. No Out of Hours fixed wing moves, check NOTAMs.

Weather Info: ATIS (VHF) 125.300MHz (Tel) 01737 822947.
Next Inspection:

28/07/2016 at 07:30 UTC

Sunset 19:56 UTC 20:56 Local

Weather Warnings

Strong Wind: Nil.
Thunderstorm: Nil..
Hail: Nil.
Fog: Nil.
Snow: Nil.
Frost: Nil.